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hereinafter referred to as “the Real Estate Agent”.

By accessing and browsing this Website, the user accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use. The User acknowledges that use of the Website is subject to the general terms of the contract in force at the time of last access. These terms and conditions of use are available in Italian and English. In the event of any discrepancy between the two versions, the Italian version shall prevail.

Before proceeding with any transaction through the Website, the User is required to read the general terms of the contract and should then print and store a copy of it on a durable medium on which the User may store information that are personally addressed to him or her for futurere ference, for a period of time appropriate to the intended purposes and that permits the identical reproduction of the information stored.

1. Definitions

The terms and expressions listed below have the meaning indicated her eunder; words in the singular include the plural, and words in the plural include the singular.

User: means any natural person who uses the Website for purposes unrelated to any business, commercial, small business or professional service, over the ageof 18.

Parties: means jointly the Real Estate Agent and Users.

Reserved Area: means the section of the Website reserved exclusivelyto the User where, after logging in, the User may use specific functions.

Website: means the website www.thenestmilano.it di F.I.L. Casa Agency Srl.

2. content

The content of the Website is for information purposes only. Although we take the utmost care in maintaining this Website and selecting its content, the Real Estate Agent declines any liability for the accuracy, completeness and currency of the data and information published on this Website or websites linked to the Website; the Real Estate Agent accordingly declines all and any liability for errors or omissions caused by direct or in direct use of the data and information published on this Website. The User should personally determine the accuracy of the information published on the Website, before completing any operation.


The User should provide only its own personal contact details and not details shared with third parties

4. Property reservation service

The Website allows the User to reserve an apartment for 24 hours (or any other pre-established period of time) during which the apartment will not be visible or available on the Website (hereinafter, the “Reservation”). If the purchase proposal is not finalized within 24 hours (or any other pre-established time),the apartment that has been reserved will again be visible and available on the Website. Only one apartment may be reserved at a time and only once. When making the Reservation, you will be asked to enter your credit card number; the funds available on your card will be checked to ensure that they comply with the amount indicated on the Website. Only then will it be possible to reserve the apartment. After making the Reservation, the amount indicated will be blocked, so that for 24 hours (or any other pre-established time) the abovementioned amount will not be available on your credit card. After the 24 hours (or any other pre-established time) Reservation time, regardless of whether the purchase proposal has been finalized or otherwise, the sum blocked will again be available within the times provided by the contract established by the User's bank. No charge will be made, in either case. 

5. Purchase proposal service

The Website allows the User to make a purchase proposal using, either:

• the editable drafts provided directly by the Real Estate Agent. The User may access a text editing area, modify the proposed text and send its unilateral proposal directly to the Real Estate Agent, through the systems provided on the Website;

• A customized proposal process, under the guidance of aReal Estate Agent operator, who will indicate the User's intentions in a contract text.

Where defined by the purchase proposal, the User may be required to pay a sum assecurity deposit by bank transfer or cheque. The User will be asked to upload the number of the cheque and bank transfer.

6. Login Details

The User will be responsible for alla ctivities and transactions processed through its User Account and should immediately inform the Real Estate Agent, by email, of any unauthorized use of its User Account or unauthorized access to its Reserved Area.

7. Intellectual property rights and brands

All the materials published on the Website are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. The content published or in any case present on the Website – including, for example, trademarks, logos, images, press releases and documents generally present on the Website, and the software and codes used for implementation of the Website – are the exclusive property of the Real Estate Agent, or are used with the prior authorization or license of the relevant owner.

The Real Estate Agent reserves all rights on such content, including the right of reproduction: the User may use such content only if this is strictly necessary for the proper use of the Website. No other use is permitted. No text on the Website and/or on other websites managed by the Real Estate Agent may be copied or reproduced.  

8. Security

No data transmission via Web Protocols can be guaranteed with the full degree of certainty. Third parties may intercept transmissions or private communications transmitted on the Website without authorization or without the knowledge of the Real Estate Agent, who will use appropriate security measures, without however guaranteeing the security of any information transmitted or the security of access to the Website.

9. Maintenance

The Real Estate Agent here by reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to interrupt or suspend the Service at any time for Website maintenance purposes or to modify and/or update the Website. In these cases, the Website may be temporarily unavailable.

10. links

Hyperlinks on the Website may direct the User to web pages on websites other than this Website, which may be of interest to the User.

The User acknowledges that the Real Estate Agent has no control whatsoever on the content of such sites and, as mere third party, shall be in no way liable for the content and/or material, including advertising, published on such websites or external resources.

11. Applicable Law

These terms and conditions of use are subject to Italian law.

12. Processing of personal data

For more information about the processing of Users' personal data, please read the information provided on the Website.

All graphic documentation and texts are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to berelied up on for, nor to form part of, any contract.
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